Welcome to XMessNFT

XMessNFT is a collection of 999 NFTs created by HAU538, the Mexican Digital Art Studio, inspired by the feelings that the holiday season brings with it. The first emotions that fill people the most when they think about this season are joy, gratitude and happiness. However, it can also cause feelings of stress and anxiety for some others.
On the way to the craziest Christmas
According to data from a study by the American Psychological Association, 38% of respondents said their stress levels increase during the holiday season. Regardless of the season, the brain combines information about the physiological state, environment, and personal experiences to create an emotion or feeling in each person, thus giving rise to perceptions about this time.
The XMessNFT collection is designed for all those who enjoy Christmas, for those who do not like it and for those who have never had the opportunity to experience it. The collection presents this holiday and its counterpart: the Anti-Christmas, through the madness of its characters and a story that tells the theories of why the gifts you asked for on these dates disappear. It shows how evil, goodness and values are intertwined during these festivities.
Who gets Christmas?
The artists at HAU538 work to create artworks that elicit all kinds of emotions and experiences, both positive and negative. Grab your coat because at XmessNFT it doesn’t matter if you were NAUGHTY or NICE, what matters is that there will be lots of snow and unexpected gifts!
Happy XMess!!
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