We seek to make this collection something unique, dark, cheerful and that the holders wish to acquire due to its carefully selected features and colors, guided by the emotion these works generate in the eyes of the spectator.
XMessNFT is made up of 200+ handmade traits by the artists of HAU538 who are 100% dedicated to making each character the best possible work that can express the emotions, identities and characteristics it has. These features include 20+ different heads, 20+ accessories, 20+ eye combinations, 15+ backgrounds, 20+ clothing, 20+ skin varieties, 20+ bodies and thousands of moments to share with them.
By becoming an XMessNFT holder you will have exclusive access to the extras we have for you.
XMessNFT is full of surprises and great works of art waiting for you to be one more on this special sled.
*In order to make the XMess NFT collection different and each character unique and individual, this batch of 999 NFTs, half of which will be #NiceClaus and the other half #NaughtyClaus, makes a collection diverse. We will have designs that will give you a great diversity of features and bright colors that you will love.
In addition, as the holder of an XMessNFT you have the opportunity to collect a legendary item: an NFT 1/1 of a series of 40+, made with different drawing techniques and colors outside of the artwork of XMess NFT. The diversity rate of the collection is impressive due to the duality it will have.
Really Unique Characters
Get ready for a Christmas out of the ordinary and meet the rest of the #Claus family at XMess NFT!