Exclusivity and Value Benefits
  • Each XMess NFT is a collectible NFT, can act as more than just a profile pic on social media, the owner of each has the commercial rights to use their NFT, in other words each XMess NFT can be used commercially and in any medium.
  • HAU538, Estudio de Arte Digital Mexicano, which has created the XMess NFT collection, is focused on art, storytelling and the expansion of NFTs as an art form, so having an XMess NFT gives you exclusive access to the following HAU538 projects.
  • By owning an XMess NFT, you will have an active role in the decision making of the project, this will be announced after the mint.
  • HAU538 will bring its merchandise collection online and by owning an XMess NFT you will have exclusive benefits.
  • You will have access to different exclusive channels of our Discord community.
  • We will develop a database of holders to create your own wallpapers and use them in the right dimensions, this in order to bring them in the formats you need on social networks and devices.