Access to an exclusive community of art enthusiasts

Social Media Campaign and Marketing
We will carry out a launch campaign on social networks in which we will publicize the project and its benefits. We will build a united and strong community that by the end of the project, we will cover all the needs of the members by opening different communication channels so that the dialogue is not one-way, we want to listen to our audience. We will distribute our values and ideals very clearly and concisely in these channels to avoid any kind of scam, we want to take care of the community. In this way we want to involve all those who want a fun space next to the XMess NFT.
Website Launch
After the campaign on social networks, we will announce the launch of our website, where you will find all the official information about the project, and our Discord server, where we will have direct communication with the community, creating dynamics with artists looking for an opportunity to showcase their work, who will be able to participate in collaborations of future collections, airdrops and more, wait for it!
Collection Sale
The date of sale and prices will be announced on our official networks of Twitter, Discord, Reddit, Medium and our website.
Do not fall for scams!, we are the only medium that will make this information known.
Spaces on Twitter
Twitter is the main network when it comes to the NFT world, so we will post everything related to XMess NFT on our account to avoid scams and misunderstandings. In the same way we will make spaces to thank and clarify any doubts related to the project, Mint and what derives from it.
Giveaways At the end of the Mint we will make a series of dynamics to make giveaways ranging from merch of NFT Town and HAU538 to WL spots for the next collections of the Mexican Studio.
Merch and our own Clothing Brand
XMess NFT merchandise will be on sale in the first quarter of 2023, verifiable holders will have a discount of up to 40%. Keep your eyes open because it will be merchandise as special as celebrations, we will have Xmess NFT candy, key chains, ledgers and utensils to help in everyday life.
Community events (IRL and Online)
The success of XMess NFT will be shared as it involves the whole community that supports us and that has faith in us, so we will hold a series of meetings on our Discord server, which will be to share experiences and solve questions about the project.
After the Mint there will be a face-to-face meeting in which there will be news about HAU538 and exclusive merchandise of the event where VIP access will be credited to holders of the project.