XMess’ Story

Everywhere there are people who earn respect and affection, in addition to the evil counterpart that is indispensable. There is no goodness without evil, the meaning of the former is not understood without its antagonist.
The North Pole is home to XMessNFT, for centuries there have been the #Joyfuls and #Haters of Christmas, the former living in the North of the Pole and the others in the South. As Christmas approaches, problems, adventures and parties spiral out of control in the small, cold, snowy Xmess Town.
In XMessNFT there are 999 inhabitants, all of whom are descendants of the Claus family. Each year they hold various competitions to choose which of them will be in charge of distributing gifts around the world. Dance contests, food contests, and the big 100 liter alcoholic beverage contest are needed to crown the #SantaClaus of the season.
​​Over the years, the Claus team has split into the #NaughtyClaus and the #NiceClaus. Although at the end of each season everything goes well, the task becomes much more complex, XMessNFT becomes a chaotic and fun celebration. Who’s going to be Santa Claus this year?